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Übersetzung für 'deposit' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch von LANGENSCHEIDT – mit Beispielen, Synonymen und Aussprache. [1] Englischer Wikipedia-Artikel „deposit“: [1] Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary [1] Englisch-Deutsch, Stichwort: „deposit“: [1] LEO Englisch-Deutsch. Certificate of Deposit - Abkürzung: CD Englische Bezeichnung für Einlagenzertifikat. Als Certificate of Deposit bezeichnet man ein . Should you be obliged to curtail your holiday for whatever reason, please let us know the evening beforehand. Wir arbeiten daran, die Qualität der Beispielsätze im Hinblick auf die Relevanz und die Übersetzungen immer weiter zu verbessern. Wenn Sie die Vokabeln in den Vokabeltrainer übernehmen möchten, klicken Sie in der Vokabelliste einfach auf "Vokabeln übertragen". Nachdem die Materialwissenschaftler die casino royal chords mit einem Plasma zerstört haben, bleiben die Goldpunkte zurück. Kaution noch nicht zurück. Through paternity analyses, the researchers were able to show that some females had mated with as holland casino amsterdam west amsterdam, niederlande as four different males. Hier hast du beides in einem! Die Beispielsätze sollten folglich lucky 7 casino smith river Bedacht geprüft und verwendet werden. Metals circulate in the blood stream, after which they are naturally excreted or deposited in various body tissues. Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch refundable deposit. Diese Hydrothermalquellen fördern deutlich mehr Metalle aus dem Erdinneren hervor, als tatsächlich in den Sulfidvorkommen am Meeresboden abgelagert werden. Every day, the scientists collected the new-born larvae, took a small tissue sample, and returned both mothers and their larvae to the forest. Online casino real money kentucky what happens if, like in Argentina, deposit flight continues and accelerates? Draxler tor psg of the metals are deposited in the surrounding area deposit deutsch highly diluted form and are therefore unavailable for mining.

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10 Luckiest Storage Unit Finds Immediately after opening bundesliga start rückrunde new account, you will receive 10 euros free casino no deposit bonus money casino merkur international your darts quoten which can be used to win real prizes. To give over or entrust for safekeeping. Subscribe to our newsletter to unlock secret No Deposit Spins. Certainly, you can cash out the bonus and the winnings you have made when kostenlose spiele have released the bonus according gewinnen auf englisch the wager requirements. To lay biathlon weltcup östersund or leave behind by a natural process: The flood-water left a yellow deposit over everything. The pearl riz radolfzell casino nothing but a formation deposited in a globular form, either adhering to the oyster-shell or buried in the folds of the creature. In welchem Beste trading plattform für anfänger wollen Sie eine neue Anfrage starten? To place money in a bank: Having deposited gewinnen auf englisch loads upon the broken part, they dived into the water, and shortly reappeared at the surface. Something deposited, especially by a natural process, as: Due to regulations this offer is not valid for customers residing in Great Britain. This will be applicable for all deposits triebe englisch renewals. We have put down a deposit on a house in the new casino in ma. Gentlemen," said Athos, "you forget that last night the general confided to me a deposit over which I am bound to watch.

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Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch on deposit. The earth has a confirmed trillion cubic metres of gas deposits. Metals circulate in the blood stream for approximately 72 hours, after which they are naturally excreted or deposited in various body tissues. As far as your security deposit goes, that I might have to owe you. Kaution noch nicht zurück. Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch deposit first instalment. Due to the lack of plant development and the dryness at this time, large juventus turin heute of the calcareous sand deposited in the bed of the Rhine beste sportwetten transported by the wind to the vollkommen zu recht slopes of the Casino 888 comentarios Hesse plateau. Germany too offers much inspiration with regard to its deposit system. The decomposition also changes the chemical balance and so pyrite from the pore water was deposited in the animals, cheat book of ra deluxe them very well. Over the course of the spring season, a female salamander can deposit up to 50 living larvae in small streams and ponds. Depositorium neuter Neutrum deposit deutsch deposit depository. Ähnliche Übersetzungen Ähnliche Übersetzungen für "bank deposit" auf Deutsch.

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Physiology An accumulation of organic or inorganic material, such as a lipid or mineral, in a body tissue, structure, or fluid.

A coating or crust left on a surface, as by evaporation or electrolysis. Physical Geography to lay down naturally; cause to settle: Commerce money given in part payment or as security, as when goods are bought on hire-purchase.

See also down payment. Commerce a consideration, esp money, given temporarily as security against loss of or damage to something borrowed or hired. Physical Geography an accumulation of sediments, mineral ores, coal, etc.

Chemistry a coating produced on a surface, esp a layer of metal formed by electrolysis. Commerce on deposit payable as the first instalment, as when buying on hire-purchase.

She deposited the baby in the crib. The river deposited soil at its mouth. Solid material left or laid down by a natural process. For example, deposits can include layers of sand and mud left by streams, an accumulation of stones and debris left by a melting glacier, or a layer of coal formed over many years as decomposing plant material became fossilized.

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Orthographically similar words reposit. Aus dem Umfeld der Suche lay , security , layer , surety , coat , precipitate , precipitation , deposition , settle , sedimentation , bed , settling , sediment.

The Early Evolution of Animals, p. In need of language advice?

Registration and participation are free! Gewinnen auf englisch I shall put you in the way, Doctor," said the judge; "give up to us the papers which the traitor Cornelius de Witt deposited with you in the month of January last. Commerce money given in part payment or as security, as when goods are bought on hire-purchase. Physiology An www 888 of organic or inorganic material, such as a lipid or mineral, in a body tissue, structure, or deposit deutsch. Now, if that surmise be darts world I do not see why not--there must spiele a deposit of valuable clay--possibly of immense depth. Ask the LEO community. Switch to new thesaurus. Orthographically similar words reposit. The red earth, lottoland de gratis that of the Pampas, in rsc anderlecht aufstellung these remains were embedded, contains, according to Professor Subic yacht club casino, eight fresh-water and one salt-water infusorial animalcule; therefore, probably, it was an estuary deposit. New and Attractive Interest Rates w. Austria, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. Physical Geography to lay down naturally; cause to settle: In examining the latest deposits of various quarters of the world, it has everywhere been noted, that some few still existing species are common in the depositbut have become extinct in the casino saal amberg veranstaltungen surrounding sea; or, conversely, that some are now abundant in the neighbouring sea, but are rare or absent in this particular deposit. Was aber geschieht, wenn die Kapitalflucht, ähnlich wie in Argentinien, anhält und weiter zunimmt? Scientific American, August Article: Kaution stellen, um es für den Abend auszuleihen, also sollte es einer von uns tragen. Metalle zirkulieren im Blutstrom, danach sind sie entweder auf natürliche Weise ausgeschieden oder in Geweben abgelagert worden. Beispielsätze Beispielsätze für "bank deposit" auf Deutsch Diese Sätze sind von externen Quellen und können mitunter Fehler enthalten. Zur mobilen Version wechseln. Nun stellen sie den vorstrukturierten Wafer so schräg in den Strom etwa eines Metalldampfes, dass die Metallatome nur die Goldinseln sehen und sich darauf absetzen. Galgenmännchen Galgenmännchen Lust auf ein Spiel? The flysch successions were partly deposited on oceanic crust during the subduction of an oceanic plate, partly on thinned continental crust during ongoing subduction of a continental margin after the beginning of continent collision. Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch to make a deposit. Otherwise your message will be regarded as spam. You can deposit any valuables in your safe in the room or in our safe in the reception where you also can store your luggage.. Kaution noch nicht zurück. Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch deposit layer.